Hi, I'm Austin.

I'm a big goof, but I take my work very seriously! Nothing is more important to me than creating a fun, comfortable experience and I've worked for many years to perfect my craft.

One thing I like to let potential clients know is that if you are looking for just anyone to take photos, then I'm probably not the photographer for you! I try to create an experience and document a journey in a way that will keep your memories captured beautifully forever. It's not just the photos, but the experience I strive to create and I hope that I can create an amazing experience for you!

I feel as though I am able to capture moments in a very special and unique way and it's an ability I've had to work very hard at. It's truly an honour to document your history and I'm grateful for every opportunity to do so.

My heart and soul are fully dedicated to this, which is why I think I felt so strongly to brand my business with my name. This is who I am, this is what I do and I can't wait to be a part of YOUR story...

ps. discounts may apply to dog owners, just kidding, maybe...

I have a little family of my own

Finding your people, being a part of a family and creating memorable moments with them is what this is all about! I have found a beautiful woman who loves me and we have a little baby girl who brings us so much joy. I know how important these times are for you and I wish to document them so you have them to look back on forever!


Kelly + Liam

“As a fellow Wedding photographer myself, making a selection was initially challenging, but after coming across Austin’s work, the decision became a lot easier! My husband and I were so grateful that he was there to capture our special day so beautifully. He is very punctual, patient, professional and has a very calming and friendly personality. He has an eye and talent for capturing exquisite images that will blow you away. I am IN LOVE with the beautiful images that he captured for us!”

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